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IPPR's research and ideas have been helping to shape public policy and bring about change for 25 years. Over that time we have led thinking on areas as diverse as migration, public service reform, childcare and family-friendly working, asset-based welfare and devolution of power. The Commission on Social Justice, the Commission on National Security in the 21st Century and the Condition of Britain are among the high-profile initiatives which have had a defining influence on policy in the UK. We are currently working on areas such as creating a greener and more balanced economy, reforming the public services to make them more relational, and finding ways to create more jobs and improve skills across Europe.

Our work has exceptional impact and influence. We publish more than 60 reports each year, and our website is visited nearly a half a million times. IPPR experts regularly appear on national and international television and radio, we are prominent in the national press, and we lead the sector in our use of digital and social media. In total, IPPR and its staff have over 100,000 Twitter followers.

IPPR is an independent registered charity and we can only carry out our important and influential research and events programme because of the support we get from organisations including trusts, foundations, businesses, unions, voluntary sector organisations, local government and national government departments.

Every year, we publish our annual report, which outlines how our funds are raised and spent.

There are two main ways organisations can work with IPPR:

  • Funding research
  • Sponsoring events
  • Making a general donation to support our work

Funding research

IPPR is an independent registered charity and we can only produce rigorous research and innovative policy ideas if we can attract funding. Fortunately our reputation is such that we have a highly successful record of raising funds from diverse sources for our research programme.

We are constantly developing new projects and looking for funders to support our work. IPPR's independence is at the core of our purpose and reputation, so all our research findings and conclusions are independently developed and are IPPR's alone. However, funders benefit from working with IPPR in a number of ways, including:

  • regular contact with IPPR research staff and early sight of emerging research findings
  • the opportunity to engage in public policy discussion and debate with a wide range of other stakeholders
  • acknowledgement of support in our publications and website and at meetings, seminars and project launches.

What IPPR can deliver:

  • A respected, high-profile brand: We are the UK's leading progressive thinktank with extensive stakeholder and media contacts and a history of influencing policy debates.
  • An understanding of politics and how to influence policy: We have a comprehensive understanding of politics and the political process and developing relevant policy.
  • An understanding of how to present findings to a wider audience: We have over 20 years' experience of disseminating research findings to a variety of audiences.
  • Robust and innovative research methods and analysis: We have specialist qualitative and quantitative researchers and are known for innovation in research methodologies.
  • Stringent quality control: We place significant emphasis on quality control and have a stringent peer-to-peer quality control process to ensure it.
  • Flexibility: We are accustomed to working flexibly in order to meet the needs of changing circumstances.
  • Wide reach: We engage across political parties and with a wide range of stakeholders. We conduct research and influence policy debates at the local, regional, national and international level.

Our research principles:

  • IPPR is a registered charity. These principles are intended to set ground rules for our relationship with funders to ensure IPPR's reputation for independence is upheld and the value of our work protected. We believe that ultimately IPPR's independence and credibility is valued by our funders as much as it is by us.
  • All proposals go through a process of scrutiny before research proceeds, and we do not undertake activities simply because they may provide a source of funding.
  • IPPR's research projects are driven by our charitable aims and objectives. While we encourage funders to feed into the debate and involve them in our work, acting as a uniting body to create consensus on an issue, we retain editorial control on the project's outputs and findings, and the content of seminars and publications. We are, however, happy to receive suggestions from all interested parties.
  • IPPR retains copyright of all materials and publications produced as part of this project.
  • We welcome our funders' involvement in our work. We appreciate that sharing of funders' expertise and experience could entail access to sensitive information. Interim project seminars are usually held under Chatham House rules, and therefore any such information will be treated confidentially.
  • While funders are sometimes asked to appear on IPPR platforms, this is not conditional of financial support but will be determined by their contribution to the subject at hand.
  • Project advisory groups are composed of a representative group of interested stakeholders. While these do not usually include funders, there are times where an industry representative is beneficial to policy debate.
  • Our work frequently involves ministers, advisers or senior personnel from political parties and government. This is always for the purpose of furthering political and policy debate.
  • In the interests of independence, IPPR may decline funding which may suggest to outside observers that the debate we are promoting has been influenced by particular vested interests. IPPR believes that our funders – which include the voluntary sector, trade bodies, unions and businesses – have a legitimate interest in policy formation and an important contribution to make.

If you wish to discuss further how you could benefit from working with IPPR, please contact one of our associate directors.

IPPR is a registered charity (No 80065). Registered 26 September 1988.

Sponsoring events

Our events programme brings high-profile figures and the brightest minds to a wide range of audiences. Partnering with IPPR to sponsor an event offers an excellent opportunity for your organisation to participate in cutting-edge debate and to profile new ideas and policy solutions.

IPPR runs a full events programme, bringing top politicians and policymakers, leading writers and academics, business figures and other influential speakers to a wide range of audiences. Events take place in London and at our bases in Newcastle and Manchester, as well as around the country. And IPPR runs a full fringe programme at the major political party conferences each year.

For further information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Marijana Sevic, head of external affairs.

Get involved in our projects

IPPR research projects often involve public participation by individuals or particular groups.

From time to time, we seek volunteers to participate in workshops or focus groups, or to fill in surveys or questionnaires. At other times, we will invite individuals and organisations to participate in learning exchange trips or other shared research activities.

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