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Education and Social Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities

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Start date:  05 Jun 2008

The event recordings are now available to download:

Nick Clegg keynote speech (mp3)
Nick Clegg Q&A (mp3)

ippr hosted a keynote speech by Rt. Hon Nick Clegg MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

The last few years have witnessed important shifts in the political agenda on schools in England. Politicians have returned to the idea that schools have a wider role to fulfil than simply delivering on narrow measures of attainment – in equipping young people with the skills they need to progress in society in a changing economic context.

This event takes this shift as its starting point, asking what schools need to do to support social mobility and equal life chances for all young people in today's economy. In a context of concern about the performance of English schools in international surveys, Nick Clegg looks to the future of educational reform, considering the changing needs, goals and objectives of schools and will set out his ideas to address the barriers that prevent our school system from being world-class.