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How Britain can ease the ‘generation strain’

As our families get smaller and our communities get older, our report asks how we support the people and institutions who provide care and social connection.

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Jumping the shark: spreading access to affordable credit

A new IPPR publication offers a blueprint for a nationwide network of not-for-profit institutions that offer affordable alternatives to payday loans.

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Small businesses: shooting for full employment

Our new research explores how, with the support of the right policies, small and medium-sized businesses can do even more to promote full employment.

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States of transition: youth unemployment in Europe and the US

A new report provides an international analysis of successes, failures and contrasts in youth unemployment, education and labour market policies.

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The generation strain: Collective solutions to care in an ageing society

The generation strain: Collective solutions to care in an ageing society

We need to transform our understanding of what ‘social care’ is in order to help people live decent lives, to put in place the right building blocks to prepare for an ageing population, and to reduce future demand for care.

24 Apr 2014
by Clare McNeilJack Hunter
Jumping the shark: Building institutions to spread access to affordable credit

Jumping the shark: Building institutions to spread access to affordable credit

This report sets out a comprehensive strategy for ending the ‘poverty premium’ faced by many consumers who have no alternative to borrowing from payday lenders.

21 Apr 2014
by Mathew LawrenceGraeme Cooke

Key publications

European jobs and skills: A comprehensive review, 2014

European jobs and skills: A comprehensive review, 2014

The first annual European Jobs and Skills review takes an in-depth look at trends in employment and unemployment in countries and regions across Europe, tackling the critical issues of underemployment, structural unemployment, productivity and wages, changes in the nature of work, skills supply, labour market gaps and youth unemployment.

A fair deal on migration for the UK

A fair deal on migration for the UK

In this paper, IPPR brings together its ideas and research on migration from across the last five years to propose a comprehensive Fair Deal on migration for the UK – a set of policies and approaches that address all aspects of migration in a fair and realistic way, and which would make Britain’s economy fairer and our society stronger.

06 Mar 2014


Sights and sounds of the European Jobs & Skills Summit 2014

Check out our snapshot of all the goings-on at the first European Jobs & Skills Summit, held in London, 1 April 2014.

Key issues: European jobs and skills

Watch a short summary of the key issues underpinning unemployment and underemployment in Europe. This presentation was first given by IPPR director Nick Pearce at the European Jobs & Skills Summit 2014.

The full report is available for download at http://www.ippr.org/publication/55/12069/european-jobs-and-skills-a-comprehensive-review-2014

Keynote speech: Matt Hancock on vocational education, maths and technology

The skills and enterprise minister spoke at the European Jobs and Skills Summit 2014, hosted by IPPR and JP Morgan. He emphasised the importance of vocational education, mathematics and technology to both jobseekers and the British economy.

Keynote speech: Rachel Reeves on work and welfare

The shadow work and pensions secretary spoke at the European Jobs and Skills Summit 2014, hosted by IPPR and JP Morgan. She said her job was to ensure that when young people fall through gaps the social security system is in place to get them into work.

Work hard, pay into the system and uphold British values

64% of people surveyed by IPPR agreed that if migrants work hard, pay into the system and uphold British values then we should welcome them to the UK. Find out more about our fair deal on immigration at http://www.IPPR.org/fair-deal

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Capital in the twenty-first century, with Thomas Piketty

Join IPPR and Thomas Piketty as he discusses his ground-breaking work, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, and its profound implications for politics and economics in the UK.

30 Apr 2014

Think Ahead: Meeting the workforce challenges in mental health social work

This event sees the launch of 'Think Ahead', an IPPR report which proposes the creation of a new social enterprise to help recruit and educate a new generation of mental health social workers.

06 May 2014

South Africa after Mandela: beyond the rainbow?

Join Tim Gibbs, author of 'Mandela's Kinsmen' for a discussion of South Africa's current political, social and economic status after what is set to be the most contested general election since a democratic South Africa was born.

12 May 2014

Childcare: A strategic national priority? Final report launch

This event sees the launch of IPPR's final report from our project 'Childcare: A strategic national priority?' IPPR will be presenting findings from the report that outlines not only a vision, but practical steps to move towards universal, affordable and high-quality early years provison.

21 May 2014

Home ownership: a national obsession?

This 'Ideas on the 3rd Floor' event will explore and discuss the rising demand for houses.

10 Jun 2014

Can the radical right win in the North?

The UK Independence Party is now one of the most talked about political parties in British politics. But what is their appeal and who are their supporters?

16 Jun 2014

North/South divide: does it exist?

Is it really grim up North? Does London based decision-making mean that the North of England is often overlooked?

13 Nov 2014

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