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Putting justice before politics

As five men fight extradition to Rwanda in a London court, Andrew Wallis says it is time Britain got serious about securing justice for genocide survivors, which means sending the accused back to Rwanda or else trying them here in British courts.

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The Great War: the lessons of the past for our collective, global future

Writing for Juncture, historian Heather Jones calls for commemorations of the Great War to look past left-right politics and nationalistic triumphalism.

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Rereading EP Thompson: on class, Englishness and the state

Fifty years on from the first publication of Thompson’s classic history, The Making of the English Working Class, Michael Kenny picks out the themes which resonate with today’s debates.

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Creating a society of equals in an age of individuals

Writing in Juncture, leading French political philosopher Pierre Rosanvallon argues for a new ‘revolutionary’ vision of equality based on ideals of singularity, reciprocity and commonality.

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