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New Skills at Work

Europe needs more jobs and better jobs. It also needs education and skills training that matches people from every background to the opportunities opened up by business growth and technological change.

This joint IPPR–JPMorgan Chase Foundation initiative will bring together and mobilise the best policymakers, business leaders, academics and civil society organisations across Europe to develop new solutions for the workforce challenges of the future.

It will publish new data on what's happening in the labour markets of core European countries, research innovative approaches to employment and skills policies, and share best practice among decision-makers, in business, government and the community sectors.

Thu 21 Apr 2016

Introducing 'Where the work Is', our new jobs data dashboard

Where the Work Is’ is a new, free-to-use dashboard providing data on skills and job vacancies, and the gaps between them that exist in different occupations and areas of the country. It is focused completely on mid-skill jobs, which require some level of qualifications but no specific degree.

Our dashboard aims to help address the mismatches that exist in the many parts of the country between the skills employers need and those available in the local workforce. It is the first freely available tool of its kind in the UK, and we hope it will be used by national and local decision-makers, education and training providers and employers to guide their planning and engagement with training and education.

WhereTheWorkIs.org has been developed by IPPR in partnership with Burning Glass Technologies, as part of the New Skills at Work programme.

Introducing 'Where the Work Is', our jobs data dashboard

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Tue 01 Apr 2014

Highlights from the European Jobs & Skills Summit 2014

Held 1 April 2014 at the Royal Institution in London, the inaugural European Jobs & Skills Summit brought together leading politicians, policymakers, business leaders, academics and civil society organisations to address the challenges of unemployment, underemployment and skills gaps in the UK and across the region.

Sights and sounds of the European Jobs & Skills Summit 2014

Key issues: European jobs and skills

Watch a short summary of the key issues underpinning unemployment and underemployment in Europe. This presentation was first given by IPPR director Nick Pearce at the European Jobs & Skills Summit 2014.

The summit saw the launch of IPPR's major new report, European jobs and skills: A comprehensive review, 2014.

READ MORE: European jobs and skills: A comprehensive review, 2014

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