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The Inclusive Society Tackling poverty

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employment, jobs, poverty, welfare

ISBN: 1 86030 070 7
Editor(s):  Carey Oppenheim
Contributor(s):  Tony Atkinson, Howard Glennerster, James McCormick, Eithne McLaughlin, Fran Bennett, Charles Leadbeater, Peter Kenway, Katherine Duffy, Chris Pond, Jennifer Park, David Halpern, Paul Gregg, Dan Corry, Gerald Holtham, Peter Robinson, Gavin Kelly
Published date:  06 Jan 1998
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Moves the debate about poverty beyond its normal terrain. Themes include: dynamics and dimensions of poverty, the feasibility of poverty reduction targets, employment creation, the role of the mixed economy of welfare and the private sector, citizens’ involvement and the policy-making process from European level to locality. It includes contributions from a wide range of policy makers from different fields.


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Paul Gregg, Associate Fellow

Peter Robinson, Associate Fellow

Charles Leadbeater, Policy Advisory Council and New Era Economics panel

Gerald Holtham, New Era Economics panel