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Global Brit: Making the most of the British diaspora

culture, globalisation, identity, integration, migration

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ISBN: 978 186030 3401
Author(s):  Tim Finch
Contributor(s):  Maria Latorre, Holly Andrew
Published date:  30 Jun 2010
Price:  £15.00
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The British diaspora is a large, diverse and talented group. In follow-up to our Brits Abroad report of 2006, we have researched the extent of British emigrants’ integration into their countries of residence and their continuing attachment to the UK.

We conclude that the UK government needs to build on the good work it is already doing by reconceptualising its approach to engaging with the diaspora. This would bring benefits both to emigrants and to the UK.

In a globalised world, with increasing movement of people, huge numbers live not within the boundaries of the state of which they are citizens, but in other countries. More governments are recognising that these citizens represent a great asset abroad. But for these assets to be supported and mobilised effectively, governments need to be able to engage with their overseas populations in a coherent and strategic way.


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