Parents Exist, OK!?

Published Sun 9 Jan 2000
Comprehensive investigation of current situation with family-school partnerships and what can be done to improve them.

Throughout the world, new efforts are being made to strenthen the links between home and school and to increase parental involvement in children's learning. Parents Exist OK?! explores current and future challenges and opportunities for the relationships between parents and their children's schools. It sets out a vision of parents as citizens, and schools as citizenship banks, where families can invest, deposit and withdraw various forms of support. By unpicking all the moments when parents and schools interact, this book generates proposals that parents, policy makers and practitioners need to consider, if such a vision is to be realised. "It's a fascinating read. Time and again, Hallgarten deals with a familiar issue and then tells you something about it that you didn't know before. Much is based on published research, but you're not likely to find it all in one place anywhere else, and it's presented here with great insight and clarity." Gerald Haigh, Times Educational Supplement

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