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Devo More: Extending devolution and strengthening the union Priority

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IPPR’s Devo More project aims to develop a model of enhanced devolution for Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom which provides a clear alternative to independence.

Devolution is popular with the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Voters here like devolution and want more of it. The challenge for supporters of the union is to work out how to deliver that in a way that gives the devolved institutions sufficient autonomy to make policy choices that meet the aspirations of voters but which does so in a way that preserves the integrity of the UK as a whole.

For the union to have a secure future, it needs to reflect the needs and wishes of all of its constituent parts, not least England. Devo More therefore aims to explore how devolution can be extended, while also identifying – and justifying – the role of UK-level institutions in order to explain the benefits which the various parts of the UK derive from remaining part of the union. A ‘new union’ needs to be sustained by shared interests and structures as well as devolved ones.

IPPR’s Devo More project will look at four key areas of work, in order to frame a workable model of stronger devolution:

  • financing enhanced devolution
  • social security and the welfare state
  • the devolution of additional policy functions
  • the constitutional and practical implications of further devolution at a UK level.

Alan Trench, a well-know devolution expert, will be working with IPPR on this exciting and important project.

The Devo More project is kindly funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.