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The next government spending review will soon be upon us.  This crucial government exercise sets the broad parameters for government spending at regular intervals, setting out the total spending envelope and within that the balance between spending on benefits and other public spending; between capital and revenue spending; and the balance between spending cuts, tax rises and borrowing.

The aim of this research is to identify a set of spending review proposals that will stimulate northern economic potential, tackle household poverty and reduce long term dependency on benefits and subsidies and enable Northern leaders from all sectors to better influence the spending review negotiation to produce more socially just outcomes.

The research is designed to complement the Northern Economic Futures Commission by providing a fiscal strategy to back up our ideas about the Northern economy. It also complements the work previously undertaken by IPPR to explore different Spending Review scenarios and their implications.

The project will entail 3 broad phases:

Phase 1 – Analysis

  • Snapshot analysis of the projected impact of 2013 spending decision ahead of the March Budget announcements.
  • Analysis of data to explore the spatial impact of 2015 spending review scenarios
  • Desk-based analysis of impact on VCS of changes in patterns of public expenditure.
  • Interviews with a small number of case study areas
  • Identification of priorities for a) capital expenditure; b) decentralisation of key budgets; c) pro-poor welfare reforms.

Phase 2 – Deliberation

  • Seven roundtable discussions with groups of Northern leaders.
  • ‘Grantees summit’ with voluntary sector interests, funders and the anti-poverty lobby in the north.

Phase 3 – Influence

  • Engagement meetings with Whitehall ministers and civil servants
  • Parliamentary reception.

The project will also be supported by a high profile Advisory Panel of experts.

The project will have two key outcomes:

  1. Provide northern stakeholders with a better understanding of the spending review process, and equipped with an evidence base to use in seeking to influence it both in the short-term and in the longer-term post 2015.
  2. Make government, shadow government and civil servants aware of the spatial and socio-economic impact of their spending review decisions, having engaged with the Northern Spending Review Priorities emerging from this project that are signed up to by a wide range of Northern stakeholders from different sectors and different parts of the political spectrum.