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Tackling social inequality in housing

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Housing inequalities are now much greater than they were 50 years.  This project set out to find solutions to the challenges around social inequality in housing.

At the start of the 21st century, housing provision in Britain is deeply polarised - between owners and renters, between different regions and between those who can afford decent housing and those who can’t. Yet action to date has not tackled the root causes of social inequality in housing nor the serious imbalance between different regions. While Sustainable Communities (the ‘Communities Plan’) is hugely welcome, there is still a need for innovative thinking about how we reduce social inequalities in housing.

The final report, Housing Equality and Choice, was published in 2003. This advocates policies for creating a better balance between people, homes and jobs, including:

  • a new policy for the regions to reduce the differentials between the prosperous south and northern industrial areas
  • increasing housing supply across all areas of southern England
  • special measures for tackling the housing crisis in London, and for fiscal reforms to reduce inequalities in housing wealth.