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In 2006 ippr began working in partnership with the Global Development Network (GDN) on a major project on migration and development. Development on the Move: Measuring and Optimising Migration's Development Impacts aimed to research migration and development by creating new methodologies for assessing migration’s impacts, collecting evidence on those impacts, helping to build research capacity on migration and development issues in developing countries and examining fresh policy options for improving migration’s contribution to development.  

It did this through gathering comparable data on the wide range of developmental impacts of migration (both economic and social) in Colombia, Fiji, Georgia, Ghana, Jamaica, Macedonia and Vietnam.

In each country we worked with local researchers who gathered together the existing evidence on this diverse range of impacts and complemented it with two additional kinds of new data – information collected from stakeholder interviews, and a new, nationally-representative household survey (designed specifically for this project to give us reliable data on how common migration is and to investigate its development impacts).


This project has produced a large number of outputs. These include:

We have also spoken to a number of migrants about their personal experiences of migration, and the impact it has had on their own lives and the lives of their families. Their accounts are posted as two articles, here and here.


One of the key objectives of the Development on the Move project was to improve the evidence base on the nature of the relationship between migration and development. Through the use of new and extensive household surveys in our case study countries, we have collected a vast amount of comparative data on the prevalence of migration in each of the countries studied, as well as on its development impacts. 

ippr and GDN are committed to making this data freely available to other researchers, in the hope that it will assist those conducting research on these issues in the future. You are welcome to download the individual country datasets as well as the final merged dataset (which includes data from all countries apart from Jamaica). The final implemented survey questionnaires are also provided alongside the datasets to assist in interpretation of the data. Please note that all data is in STATA format; SPSS versions are available on request.

The project was generously funded by the Australian Agency for International Development, the UK Department for International Development and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information about the project, please contact Laura Chappell: