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New video: John Denham on the growing sense of Englishness

30 Jan 2012

Labour MP John Denham spoke to IPPR following the launch of our report on English identity and governance, The dog that finally barked. He argues that there is a 'growing number of English people who feel ... they are being treated unfairly, which is driving this sense of increased Englishness', and says that there 'needs to be an English dimension to decision-making which will bring far more decisions far closer to far more people'.

John Denham calls for a 'radical devolution of decision-making' in England

New video: A surge in English identity

23 Jan 2012

Discussing the key findings of a new report from IPPR on English identity, which show that people now feel more ‘English’ than ‘British’ in England, Guy Lodge warns that political parties have to address ‘the English question’ in its own right, regardless of what happens in Scotland, or risk a popular backlash.

Englishness is becoming more politicised argues Guy Lodge