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Rebalancing the 95/5 to build more homes

20 Sep 2012

This short animation illustrates the discrepancy between how little Britain is spending on new homes – £5 billion over five years – and how much it is spending on housing benefit – £95 billion over the same period. Rebalancing these numbers would help to ease the UK's housing crisis. Our major report Together at home has much more detail on how this might be achieved.

How can we build more homes in Britain?

New video: Summing up IPPR's new strategy for English housing

21 Jun 2012

Following the publication of Together at home: A new strategy for housing, Andy Hull summarises the key arguments behind IPPR's recommendations:

  • we need to support people who want to own their home through reforms to planning, development and financing
  • private renting needs to be more secure, to give tenants a sense of control and community
  • social housing needs to be more flexible to accommodate a wider group of people
  • responsibility for housing budgets and strategy should be localised in order to encourage a shift away from spending on housing benefit and towards spending on new houses.

Andy Hull outlines the key arguments for a new housing policy

Affordable housing for Londoners

08 May 2012

Andy Hull, senior researcher at IPPR on BBC London News discussing the finding of the latest IPPR report on affordable housing in London.

Andy calls for the mayor of London to be given more powers over housing benefits within the capital, he explains that the mayor of London understands the unique pressure of the housing market in London more than anyone in Whitehall. With housing and rental prices through the roof we need benefits to reflect this.

The Mayor of London needs to be given more powers over housing benefits argues IPPR's Andy Hull

Reform right to buy to unlock capital, build more homes

06 Jan 2012

Conservative MP David Davis and Labour MP Frank Field have joined forces to pen a paper for IPPR, in a bid to unlock the capital trapped in social houses. They argue that incentives should be improved and lottery-like inconsistencies ironed out, so that more tenants are allowed and able to buy their home and that the resulting funds can be channelled into improving and expanding Britain's sorely lacking social housing stock.

Frank Field argues for changes to the right to buy scheme

Housing developers must focus on delivering quality, quantity and value

28 Dec 2011

Andy Hull discusses the need to 'make housing development reform an integral part of housing policy'. We currently have a housing industry which 'looks to make large incomes off small volumes' of houses and to stop this we need to split the development process in two; 'on one hand land trading and on the other housing building'.

Just as banking reform seeks to isolate ‘casino-type’ banking activity from retail banking, building sector reform must likewise insulate land-based risk, and allow house building to focus on delivering quality and value in building homes.

Andy Hull explains the need for housing development reform

Ken Livingstone: Addressing London's housing crises

19 Dec 2011

2012 mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone used his keynote speech at the inaugural London Policy Conference to put forward his policy ideas for easing London's particular housing crises, including a 'London living rent', which would cap rents at one-third of household income, and a citywide non-profit lettings agency to 'put good tenants in touch with good landlords'.

Ken Livingstone launches 'London living rent' campaign

Andy Hull on housing supply

25 Oct 2011

Andy Hull, co-author of IPPR's new report, Build now or pay later? Funding new housing supply, discusses where to find the land and investment required to ease Britain's looming housing crisis.

Andy Hull on the need for us to build more affordable homes

Grant Shapps MP speaks at IPPR housing event during the 2011 Conservative Party Conference

Andrew Stunell MP speaks at the IPPR event, 2020 vision: Housing, during the Lib Dem Conference