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Effective Teachers and Teaching

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Different schools in similar circumstances achieve very different outcomes for their pupils. One of the most important factors under control of the schools is the quality of the teaching that pupils receive. We will therefore be researching two questions the heart of this new ippr project on teaching:

  • What are characteristics of effective teachers and effective teaching, both now and in the future?
  • How can policy affect the supply of good teachers and high quality teaching?

Over the coming years, the focus in education policy is likely to change from structures to what happens in the classroom. This project will thus consider a set of key challenges related to teachers and teaching.

The demographic profile of the teaching workforce is changing, and the traditional model of the teaching career is being challenged. The role of the teacher is also changing, so that a wider range of adults are now working with children and a wider range of services are being delivered in schools. The personalisation agenda, with its emphasis on sensitivity to individual pupil needs, will place further demands on teachers. Meanwhile the school system itself is changing, with new forms of school such as academies and federations emerging. A major programme of school re-building (Building Schools for the Future) is now underway, and rapid change is taking place in both the sophistication of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and in the ability of pupils to use ICT themselves.

The project aims to identify what structures, processes and policies will best enable effective teaching and learning in this dynamic environment. ippr will build on its history of practical education research, involving practitioners as well as policy professionals, and will seek to influence national and local policy debates as well as the practice of schools and teachers themselves.

The project is generously supported by Qualifications and Curriculum AuthorityTraining and Development Agency for SchoolsEdison Schools, Catalyst Education, Edexcel and The Mercers' Company.