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Budget 2013: Sharing out the chancellor's cuts

21 Mar 2013

IPPR has taken the envelope announced by the chancellor in yesterday’s budget and spread the cuts across departments to see what the likely impact will be if those cuts are spread evenly.

IPPR makes two calculations, one that removes the ringfence from the NHS, schools and overseas aid budget, and one that keeps those ringfences in place.

Budget2013 departmental-breakdown

Spending on NHS, schools and overseas aid (including for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are excluded in the calculation above, in line with current government policy. These figures are for ‘Departmental Expenditure Limits’ (DEL) and exclude capital spending.

Tough choices ahead for tax and spending

19 Sep 2012

tough-choices slidecast-thumbWatch IPPR's slidecast Tough choices ahead: Illustrating the choices and trade-offs in the next spending review

When the Coalition government was formed in 2010 one of its first acts was to impose tough spending cuts in order to bring down the deficit. This round of cuts ends in 2015 – but the pain won’t. Current forecasts suggest that the public finances will still be in deep trouble, economic growth will be sluggish at best, and that targets for reducing the deficit will not have been fully met.

So whoever is in government after the 2015 general election will have to face up to tough choices – more spending cuts, cuts in welfare, tax increases or run higher deficits for longer – or some combination of all of the above.

For more detail on this analysis, download the full version of our 'Tough choices' slidepack.

For more on the long-term trends for taxation and spending, and the questions they pose, see IPPR's report Pressures and priorities: The long-term outlook for Britain’s public finances.

For an in-depth view of what these fiscal challenges mean for British politicians, read 'After the Coalition: What's left?', an essay by Gavin Kelly of the Resolution Foundation and IPPR's Nick Pearce published in the latest issue of Juncture.

BBC Newsnight illustrates IPPR's tax-and-spend analysis