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The true cost of energy

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Breaking down energy bill increases

30 Oct 2013

Appearing on BBC News, October 2013, IPPR's Reg Platt attempts to identify the key factors behind increases in household energy bills, noting that green policies are 'absolutely not' the main driver. Energy companies point to profits of around 5 per cent in their retail business, he says, but 'the big question is what are they making at the generation end', where profits could be much higher. It's difficult to be sure, Reg says, because there is 'so little transparency in this market'.

Reg Platt: 'There's so little transparency' in the energy market

Reg Platt speaks at the Fair Energy Summit

19 Dec 2012

Speaking at the Fair Energy Summit IPPR's Reg Platt made the case for greater competition in the energy market and gave recommendations for how to achieve it. The panel included secretary of state for energy and climate change, Ed Davey, and other senior representatives from across the energy industry.

New video: Reg Platt makes the case for greater competition in the energy market at the Fair Energy Summit

Regulation will improve competition and ensure fairer energy prices for consumers

30 Apr 2012

Following the release of the latest IPPR report called 'The true cost of energy: How competition and efficiency in the energy supply market impact on consumers’ bills' we spoke to IPPR's Reg Platt who argued that the regulator Ofgem needs to set tougher regulations on the energy market to improve competition and ensure pricing is fairer for consumers.

The main findings of the report revealed that some people are paying £330 more a year than their neighbour for energy and that the 'Big 6' energy companies are continuing to overcharge existing consumer to subsidise cheap offers.

IPPR's Reg Platt calls for tougher regulations of the energy market