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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR’s gender pay gap

IPPR is not required to report our gender pay gap, since we have fewer than 250 employees. However, given our belief that transparency is a crucial tool for reducing gender pay disparities, we feel it is appropriate that we report our own pay gap.

Our median gender pay gap, as of 5 April 2017, was 13%, and our mean was 10%. The gender balance at the top of the organisation was good; however, the majority of the 2nd highest pay quartile were men, while the majority of the 4th pay quartile were women. In addition, although a roughly equal number of men and women worked in our regional offices, where pay is generally lower, more of the junior roles in regional offices were held by women at that time.

IPPR offers a number of benefits specifically to support employees to be able to balance caring responsibilities with work. We offer enhancements to statutory pay for all family leave, paternity as well as maternity leave; shared parental leave; and adoption leave . All roles we advertise are offered as flexible by default, and we have a policy of interviewing all internal applicants for promotion.

However, we would like to do more. We are currently reviewing our recruitment processes, including where we advertise, how we present salary information, our selection criteria, and our interviewing practices. We are also assessing our progression policies, and undertaking a benchmarking exercise to understand the drivers of within-grade pay differentials.