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Catherine Mitchell is professor of energy policy at the University of Exeter. Previous to that, she worked at the universities of  Warwick, Sussex and California, Berkeley.

Catherine is a lead author in the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report in the Policy and Institutions chapter of WG3; she was also a coordinating lead author of the Policy, Financing and Implementation chapter of IPCC's Special Report on Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation (published 2011); and also a lead analyst of sub-chapter 13 (Policy) of chapter 11 (Renewable Energy) of the Global Energy Assessment undertaken through the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) published in 2012.

She holds an Established Career Fellowship with the EPSRC (2012–2016) on Innovation and Governance; is PI of the ESRC/EPSRC interdisciplinary research cluster into Energy Security in a Multi-Polar World (ends 2013); and is PI responsible for policy and regulation within the supply theme of UKERC Phase 1 and 2 (ends 2014). Recent posts include as a member of the Balancing and Settlement Code Panel, 2008–2010; chair of the BIEE, 2009–2010; the Academic Advisory Panel to DECC for Electricity Market Reform 2010; and a member of DECC's Distributed Generation Advisory Panel, 2012.

Recent work