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Alfie works in the economy team, currently focusing on IPPR’s Commission on Economic Justice.

Alfie leads IPPR’s fiscal research programmes, having built our capacity to simulate departmental spending and 100% business rate retention, respectively.

He also currently manages our tax-benefit micro-simulation model.

In addition to his core research interests, he has published a range of papers on issues such as labour market policy, family policy, industrial policy and public service reform.

His work has generated press coverage in local and national media.

Areas of expertise:

  • Fiscal policy (government tax and spending)
  • Monetary policy
  • Industrial strategy
  • Business finance
  • Labour markets
  • Quantitative research methods

Previously, he worked in academic research, political campaigning and for a grass roots NGO in Ghana.

He holds an MSc from University College London, and a BA from King’s College London.

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