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Frances O’Grady has been an active trade unionist and campaigner all her working life. She has been employed in a range of jobs from shop work to the voluntary sector.

Prior to joining the TUC in 1994, Frances worked for the Transport and General Workers Union. At the TUC, Frances has been Campaigns Officer; headed up the New Unionism campaign and launched the TUC’s Organising Academy; and led the TUC’s organisation department.

In 2003, Frances became Deputy General Secretary, notably securing the 2012 Principles of Cooperation Agreement with the Olympic Authorities, ensuring good standards and decent pay.

Frances has also led on industrial policy, arguing the case for a strategic approach to rebalancing the economy in the wake of the financial crash.

In January 2013, Frances became the General Secretary of the TUC, the first woman ever to hold this post. Frances took a leading role in the campaign for Britain to Remain in the European Union, and was selected to speak in the final debate.

She is passionate about economic justice, joining commissions on living standards, low pay, and high pay.