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Jonathan is a Research Fellow in the Energy, Climate, Housing and Infrastructure team. He leads the team’s work on housing policy.

Jonathan joined IPPR in May 2019. Previously, he was based at the Wales Centre for Public Policy. In this role, he worked closely with Welsh Government ministers and public services to help connect policy makers with evidence and improve their capacity to make evidence informed policy decisions. At the Centre, he worked across a range of policy areas including housing and homelessness, environmental sustainability, the economy and skills. Jonathan also contributed to the Centre’s academic work and has previously published academic work on a range of international politics topics.

Jonathan has both TV and radio broadcast media experience. Most recently, he was interviewed by Sky News on the issues of rural housing affordability and homelessness. He has also written for print media, including op-eds in major print publications.

Jonathan holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Sheffield, an MSc in Public Administration from the University of Leiden, and a BA in International History and International Politics from the University in Sheffield.

Jonny Webb on Sky News | Rural rough sleeping and housing

Exclusive research by IPPR and Sky News found rough sleeping is on the rise in rural England, with numbers of homeless people increasing by a third between 2012 and 2018

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