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Caroline Daniel is currently editor of the Weekend FT, appointed in June 2010. Prior to this she ran the FT's op-ed page during the financial crisis, including overseeing the 'Future of Capitalism' series that included Amartya Sen, Alan Greenspan, Nigel Lawson, Larry Summers and PJ O'Rourke. She was appointed assistant editor of the paper in 2009.

From 2002–2007 Caroline was based in America, first as the FT's Chicago correspondent and then as White House correspondent, covering George W Bush's second term. During that time she was a regular panelist for The McLaughlin Group and NPR's Diane Rehm show. She joined the FT as information technology correspondent in 1999, covering the dotcom bubble.

Before the FT she won the prestigious Laurence Stern Fellowship to the Washington Post in 1998, covering politics and business. She worked as a journalist for the New Statesman (1996–1998) and the Economist. After university she was a researcher for Gordon Brown for 18 months, during which time she was research editor for Values, Visions and Voices by Gordon Brown and Tony Wright.