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Fairness and opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition

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A climate for deliberation?

The coming months are a critical period for national policy making, but they could also be a major opportunity to find solutions that match up to the reality of people’s lives across the UK.

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A just transition? Lusatia, lignite and lessons learned

Lusatia is no stranger to industrial change. In the late 1950s, German coal mining was in a crisis. It had become cheaper to import coal rather than buy it domestically and nuclear power plants were becoming more common.

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People powered solutions to the climate crisis

Addressing the climate crisis, like the coronavirus, has forced us to rethink the ways in which we live and how our neighbourhoods are designed. It has highlighted baked-in inequalities as well as...

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All hands to the pump: A home improvement plan for England

This report makes the case for an ambitious investment programme to deliver household improvements across the country to be put at the heart of the economic recovery from Covid-19. With the worst...

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Transforming the economy after Covid–19: A clean, fair and resilient recovery

We’re at a historic moment. The Covid-19 crisis could mark a turning point in the direction of the UK’s economy and its efforts to address the climate and nature crisis. The economy is in need of...

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Budget 2020: Level up the economy, step up to the environmental crisis

Rishi Sunak faces one of the most difficult budgets in living memory. The country faces its lowest economic growth rate in a decade, further exacerbated by the expected disruption caused by the...

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How do we pay for a Green New Deal? - Ann Pettifor

This essay first appeared in the IPPR and WWF publication  Putting People at the Heart of the Green Transition . To avoid a climate and earth systems breakdown, a Green New Deal Chancellor...

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