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Can transport infrastructure solve the housing crisis?

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is at the heart of the city-region’s future. It sets out the land the city region needs for housing and employment, and has been the subject of intense debate by local politicians, businesses and stakeholders – including the newly-elected Greater Manchester Mayor and the Combined Authority.

But the potential of the spatial framework hasn’t been fully unlocked. The debate so far has centred with the classification of green belt land, but its scope is far broader and more important than a single issue.

The vital links between transport and housing infrastructure have been left largely unexplored, but if used together they could transform Greater Manchester and the lives of the people who call it home.

IPPR North invites you to join local stakeholders, including business representatives, developers and councillors to explore the tensions and issues raised by the spatial framework in Greater Manchester.

 Speakers include:

  • Michele Dix – Director of Crossrail 2

  • Ed Cox – Director of IPPR North

  • Sam Stafford – Land Director at Barratt Homes

  • Cecilia Wong – Professor of spatial planning, University of Manchester

Our event will take place on the 2 October at Manchester Central Library from 10am. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact IPPR North at