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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Citizen Redress in a Consumer Democracy with Steve Reed MP

This IPPR/Local Government Ombudsman seminar will explore how we can provide citizens with greater forms of direct accountability and redress in the provision of public services.

Monday 27 January, 12:30-2:00pm
IPPR Offices, 4th Floor, 14 Buckingham Street, London WC2N 6DF

Speakers: Steve Reed MP, Professor Patrick Dunleavy (LSE) and Professor Jane Tinkler (LSE)

As top down forms of public management have fallen out of favour and as public service provision has become more complex and fragmented it has become pressing to set out new ways for citizens to hold services to account 'from the bottom up'.  However, beyond giving consumers greater choice in some areas, there has been too little thinking about what this means in practice.

The seminar will discuss the following key questions:

  • Has giving consumers greater choice within public services proved genuinely empowering and driven service improvement?
  • What are the most effective voice based mechanisms of accountability and which should be promoted more widely?
  • Should the same forms of accountability and redress cover all types of public service provider (public, private, third sector) and if so what are the implications of this?
  • What should be the role of the public service ombudsmen in this more complex landscape?

There are a limited number of places available so if you would like to attend please our Eventbrite page or click below