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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Closing the North’s Digital Skills Gap

In a digital age, the North is being left behind. In order to remain competitive in a post-Brexit environment as new technologies fundamentally transform the global economy, the North must take both immediate and longer-term steps to transform its digital skills system.

Reducing the digital skills gap by 2020 will require a focus on those who could enter the sector, as well as skilling up current employees. Initiatives should focus on those within the system whose economic potential is not fully utilised, or those who are not fully informed about the benefits of a digital tech career.

To close the skills gap by 2050, the North will need to focus on more systemic issues with the region’s digital tech sector, such as the culture, funding and structure of digital skills.

Our report looks into examples of best practice from around the world, and from within the North, to determine which initiatives should be prioritised over the short and long term. If these issues are addressed now, then there is no reason why the UK could not have the most advanced digital skills system in the world by 2050.

Speaker include;

  • Ed Cox - Director, IPPR North

  • Michael Peeters - Senior Partner, DAC Beachcroft

  • Kirsty Styles - Head of Talent and Skills, Tech North

  • Grace Blakeley - Researcher, IPPR North

I do hope you can join us and offer your contribution to this essential discussion. If you have any questions at all please contact Maeve at or on 0161 694 9683.