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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Internal Connectivity in the North East

This roundtable discussion will bring together key stakeholders in the North East to explore how internal connectivity within the region, and with neighbouring regions, can help support international trade.

Thursday 23 May, 15:30 - 17:30
central Newcastle

Connectivity is key to the future prospects of Northern businesses, and the North East in particular is a strong exporting region. IPPR North is currently undertaking a research project, in association with the North East Chamber of Commerce, to explore the current strengths and weaknesses of the North East as an international gateway.

This event is part of a series designed to feed in to the research, and to explore in depth the strengths and weaknesses of North East connectivity, and how the different modes of transport and communication interact with one another.

The roundtable discussion will focus on internal connectivity exploring in detail how internal connectivity within the North East and its neighbouring regions supports international trade, with particular emphasis on road and rail.

Each event will bring together key players from business, academia, transport providers and local and national government to discuss and debate the emerging findings from the research and to consider key priorities.

This event is by invitation only and space is limited. If you are interested in attending this event, or would like further information on future connectivity roundtables, please email