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Putting people, communities and place at the heart of a global transition to a net zero future 

IPPR was thrilled to host an IPPR fringe event at COP26. The event involved two workshops focussed on a just transition – the first on just transition examples from around the world, and the second on community action and public engagement.

The first workshop discusses just transition examples from around the world, including in countries most vulnerable to climate change impacts, particularly in the global south. Speakers share examples of success whilst championing a diverse range of voices from trade unions, civil society, businesses and government.

Speakers for the first workshop include:

  • Professor Kwabena Anaman, Professor of Economics, University of Ghana
  • Dr Hanna Brauers, Research Associate, TU Berlin
  • Tari Lestari, Associate Researcher, Dala Institute for Environment and Society, Indonesia
  • Jan Philipp Rohde, Unionist, DGB, German Trade Union Confederation
  • Nithi Nesadurai, President, Environmental Protection Society Malaysia and Regional Coordinator of Climate Action Network Southeast Asia
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The second workshop focusses on public engagement and involvement in combatting the climate crisis in a fair way, including the role of community climate action domestically and globally. We also share insights from IPPR’s ground-breaking Climate and Justice Panels conducted across four locations in the UK – Tees Valley and County Durham, South Wales Valleys, Thurrock and Aberdeenshire. The workshop showcases community groups from the UK and globally, who are taking action on climate and nature in their own local area.

Speakers for the second workshop include:

  • Ian Thomas, Director, Welcome to Our Woods, Wales
  • Ena K McPherson, Founder and Lead Gardener, Urban Community Gardens in Brooklyn
  • Aviram Rozin, Project Leader, Sadhana Forest Kenya
  • Emma Fletcher, Chair, Swaffham Prior Community Land Trust

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