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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR at The World Transformed 2018

IPPR is excited to be partnering with The World Transformed this year for three exciting events.

Finance 101 workshop
15:00-17:00, Saturday 22nd September

Ten years ago the activities of the banks almost brought the global economy down. What happened – and could it happen again? What have we learned about how the financial system works? And how can it be reformed so that it serves the rest of the economy?

This session will examine the ‘financialisation’ of modern capitalism and how banks and finance companies operate, and discuss the policies which might enable greater democratic control of financial capital.


  • Michael Jacobs, Director of the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice
  • Grace Blakeley, Research Fellow, IPPR


Digital Economy 101 workshop
11:00-13:00, Monday 24th September

A few giant companies – such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon – have come to dominate today’s digital economy. If we want to create a fair and democratic economy, we will need to confront the challenges they pose in a whole range of areas, from the media to privacy and the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Based on the work of the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice, this session will examine what lies behind the power of the tech giants, and what a transformative political agenda could do to ensure the digital economy works for the many, not just the few.


  • Mat Lawrence, Senior Research Fellow, IPPR
  • Laurie Laybourn-Langton, Senior Research Fellow, IPPR


Prosperity and Justice: A Plan for the New Economy plenary session
13:00-14:30, Tuesday 25th September

To mark the launch of the final report from the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice, IPPR will be co-hosting a plenary session; 'Prosperity and Justice: A Plan for the New Economy' to discuss the state of the economy and present our ambitious plan for reform - the most significant change in economic policy for a generation.

  • Professor Jill Rubery, University of Manchester
  • Dawn Foster, the Guardian
  • Furqan Naeem, Citizens UK Greater Manchester
  • Tom Kibasi, Director of IPPR and Chair the IPPR Commission on Economic justice
  • Chair: Catherine Colebrook, Chief Economist and Associate Director for Economic Policy, IPPR


The World Transformed is a 4-day politics, arts and music festival. Jeremy Corbyn, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, David Harvey, Ash Sarkar & Ann Pettifor are amongst those featuring at The World Transformed 2018. The festival will host over 250 hours of political debates, discussions, workshops, live music, art exhibitions, children’s activities, plays, films and parties. You can find the full line-up on TWT’s website, Facebook and Twitter .

Political leaders, thinkers and campaigners from all over the world will be attending TWT 2018 - buy your tickets here, and spread the word.

See you in Liverpool!