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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR North at the Convention of the North 2019

How should the North deliver economic policy in future? How should it be governed and resourced?

IPPR North recently set out some answers to these questions in our report Power and Prosperity: A strategy for the North to take control of its economy.

We argued that the North needs to collaborate and exercise powers over transport, innovation, trade and investment and developing supply chains. We also set out how the North’s capacity and governance should evolve over three phases.

This high-profile fringe event at the Convention of the North will discuss these recommendations in the context of the Convention of the North and wider developments.

We will ask which powers need to be held at the level of the North and assess through discussion with key stakeholders how the North can work together more effectively in future.

The panel will seek to address the following questions:

1.How is current pan-northern collaboration working and what can be learned for future collaboration?

2.How can a Northern Industrial Strategy be drawn up and what should it include?

3.Which sectors need pan-northern intervention and how can this be done?

4.What organisations does the North need to coordinate or deliver policy?

5.How should Northern economic policy be governed in future?

Find out more, including how to secure your ticket to the convention, here.