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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Northern Energy Strategy Launch

The energy sector presents a significant opportunity for the North of England to drive economic growth, deliver trading opportunities post-Brexit and to enhance the wellbeing of its residents.

The Northern Energy Taskforce has identified the vital role that the North has played in powering up the nation, the present challenges it faces, and the huge opportunities that currently exist for the North to once again regain its role as a national – even global – energy leader.

The North has the geological, geographic and historical assets to power and heat the nation. It is leading the way in the transition to a renewable power supply, with nearly half of all UK renewable power generated in the north of England and extensive scope to scale-up offshore wind and develop tidal schemes. It is also home to an extensive nuclear capability, and biomass energy generation represents another short- to mid-term option for cleaner generation. As regards heat, the North has the attributes and natural advantages to lead in the take-up of new approaches, infrastructure and resources that will underpin a sustainable, low-carbon pattern of heat supply for the nation.

Our final report, to be launched at this event, will set out the steps necessary for political leaders and businesses in the north of England to work together to make the most of its energy heritage, making bold steps towards reducing our carbon emissions and reaping the economic rewards in the process.

Speakers include;

  • Cllr Judith Blake, Leader of Leeds City Council

  • Sir David King, Foreign Secretary's Special Representative for Climate Change

  • Jim Cardwell, Head of Trading and Innovation at Northern Powergrid

  • Ed Cox, Director IPPR North

  • Denise Massey, Managing Director, Energy Innovation Centre