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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Just Transition Strategy for the North of England

Decarbonisation holds huge potential for the north of England. The energy sector is one of the North’s ‘prime capabilities’. The region has a leading low-carbon goods and services, world-renowned universities and leading expertise in technologies such as nuclear power, hydrogen and offshore wind. Its expertise is matched by many historic, geographic and geological advantages that exist in the region. Up to 46,000 jobs could be created by 2030 just in the power sector alone.

Yet, such an outcome is not guaranteed. Decarbonising the economy, if managed badly, also carries significant risks. As home to the majority of coal and gas power stations in England, IPPR's interim report, Risk or Reward, showed that approximately 28,000 jobs in the coal, oil and gas industries could be lost in the north of England by 2030. This is without considering the other potential job losses in high-carbon energy intensive industries and the wider economic and social implications that the loss of industry can bring about.

This special event will examine the insights of IPPR's final report and the proposed recommendations for what a just transition strategy for the north of England should look like.

Speakers Include:

  • Paul Booth, Chair, Tees Valley LEP
  • Sue Ferns, Senior Deputy General Secretary, Prospect
  • Representative, EDF Energy
  • Joshua Emden, Research Fellow, IPPR
  • Jacqueline Hall, Head of Assessment Services, Energy & Utility Skills
  • Chair: Sarah Longlands, Director, IPPR North