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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Move on up? Social mobility, opportunity and equality in the 21st century

The UK is an increasingly divided nation - by generation, region, income and wealth. However, the agenda for advancing social mobility appears to have stalled. Fresh thinking is now needed on the necessary approach and policy solutions for creating a truly equal society.

One year since the resignation of the previous Chair and other members of the Social Mobility Commission, this event will launch a collection of essays by a range of authors on the future of social mobility. The collection, published by IPPR, seeks to enrich our understanding of class in Britain today, to analyse what goals government needs to set and to consider what it would mean to have a more equal economy and society.

Key questions to be discussed:

  • How should we redefine the concept of social mobility, to go beyond improving the lives of a select few to focus instead on bringing about a fairer society for all?
  • Dispelling myths around class, discrimination and social mobility – how have traditional concepts of opportunity and meritocracy influenced our politics and policy making?
  • What are the necessary policy solutions to create an equal society in the UK?
  • How can we promote a comprehensive and long-term approach to policy making, to address poverty and wealth inequality?


13.00   Registration and refreshments available

13.25   Welcome from Tom Kibasi, Director, IPPR @TomKibasi

13:30   Introduction: Baroness Claire Tyler, Co-Chair All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility

13.40   Panel

  • Dr Faiza Shaheen, Director, CLASS
  • Professor Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, King's College London
  • Louisa McGeehan, Director of Policy, Rights and Advocacy, Child Poverty Action Group
  • Katie Schmuecker, Head of Policy, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Chair: Tom Kibasi, Director, IPPR

14:40   Keynote Speech: Rt Hon John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

15:00   Close

Please register for this event using the link below.