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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Oxford Media Convention 2022

2022 is a crucial year for the media, with several major developments prompting big questions for the industry. The long-awaited online safety bill is making its way through parliament, the BBC is marking its centenary year amidst doubt over its future funding model, the future of Channel 4 is in question, and the war in Ukraine is bringing the crisis of global mis- and disinformation into ever sharper focus.

IPPR’s day-long, in-person conference brought together senior leaders from across the sector to explore the challenges the industry is facing. Through speeches, discussions, and breakout sessions we considered the changes we expected to see in 2022, what they meant for the future of the media, and how the industry might respond.

There was a strong focus on participation and sharing of ideas through interactive sessions facilitated by experts, along with long networking breaks, giving attendees a chance to connect after two years of virtual Oxford Media Conventions.

Find out more on the Oxford Media Convention website.

You can watch the full day's sessions below.

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Damian Collins MP, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

What do media policy developments mean for citizens?

Press power over policy: have newspapers lost their clout?

Diversity of ownership: creating opportunities for a diverse media from top to bottom

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Main Anchor, Channel 4 News

Consensus building at a time of fragmentation: a public future for the BBC and Channel 4?

Where are we up to with the Online Safety Bill?

Brexit, polarisation and the role of the media

International events: what are the lessons from abroad?