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Policy and the Anthropocene: The politics of a non-linear world

All states, markets, welfare systems, major religions, their justifying ideas and the people that fought to create them came about in a uniquely stable epoch geologists call the Holocene. This era is now over. In its place comes the Anthropocene, the name being used to describe the overwhelmingly negative aggregate impact humans are having on the environment.

From biodiversity loss to climate change, systemic degradation of our natural systems is already destabilising economies and societies and is likely to intersect with our unequal, unstable economic and political systems, driving rising inequalities and conflict in the years ahead. To avoid this fate, we will need to build a politics ambitious and holistic enough to face the challenges of the Anthropocene.

This event will seek to understand how politicians and decision makers across policy areas can understand and respond to the Anthropocene and ask what a politics of this non-linear world may look like. Speakers will include: 

  • Professor Simon Lewis, Professor of Global Change Science at University College London
  • Dr Doaa Abdel-Motaal, Executive Director of the Rockefeller Foundation Economic Council on Planetary Health at the Oxford Martin School
  • Roger Harrabin, Environment Analyst, BBC
  • Peter Lipman, Co-Chair, Transition Network
  • Ben Combes, Assistant Director and Senior Economist, PwC Sustainability & Climate Change, and Visiting Fellow, the Grantham institute, LSE 

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