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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Putting People at the Heart of the Green Transition

IPPR and WWF are delighted to invite you to the launch of their new collection of perspectives on ‘Putting people at the heart of the green transition’, taking place on Tuesday 22nd October, 6.00-7.30pm in the Houses of Parliament. The collection is focused on how the UK can deliver on net zero and nature restoration in a way that builds broad public support. The collection will be submitted to the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission as evidence.

The UK is rightly proud of the cross party consensus on climate and environmental protections which has enabled it to bring forward world leading climate legislation, targets and institutions and pioneering policy and systems to support the restoration of nature at home and abroad. As we move beyond decarbonising the energy sector, which is largely invisible to most people, delivering on our environmental commitments will increasingly require changes to the world of work and the way we live our lives. Politicians will have to manage how those changes affect the people and places most impacted as well as ensure the economic and social benefits of greening our economy reach all parts of the country and segments of society. There is potential, if it is done right, for good jobs, leading businesses, better public transport, warmer homes, increased access to nature and improved wellbeing to win support for action on the environment that brings Britain together at a time when we are so divided.

The IPPR and WWF essay collection is intended to broaden and enrich the conversation across all parties about how we invest, innovate, and provide the support to business and workers that ensure we maximise benefits of the green transition for the UK.


Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Co-chair of the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission

Caroline Lucas MP, Co-chair of the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission (invited)

Laura Sandys, Co-chair of the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission

Tony Juniper CBE, Chair, Natural England (invited)

Beth Farhat, Regional Secretary for the Northern TUC

Dimitri Zenghelis, Project Leader at Wealth Economy Project on Social and Natural Capital in Cambridge

Sophie Sleeman, UK Student Climate Network

For further information on how to register, please contact Jacana Bresson on [email protected]