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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Speech by Jon Trickett MP: Transforming Politics in England

Jon Trickett MP, who has been given responsibility for preparing Labour's frontbench for government should they win the next election, will address IPPR on an agenda for political and democratic reform.

Using the example of the Lobbying Act in 2010, Jon will argue there is a deficit and centralisation in government decision-making has helped contribute to the alienation and insurgency that now dominates British politics.

Trickett will address specifically regional democratic disparities in England, arguing that one of the principal problems of British politics is the over-centralisation of decision-making in the hands of a remote elite circle.

Trickett will argue that there are deep problems with politics and democracy in England which need to be addressed if the Left are to carry out their historic task of helping to give birth to a new political, social and economic system that empowers everyone.