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State of Care Conference

This decade has been one of unprecedented challenge for the health and care sectors – perhaps the most challenging since the NHS was created in 1948. An aging population, increasing prevalence of complicated long-term conditions, a growing need for high quality social care and a global workforce crisis have rightly led to concerns about our ability to provide sustainable, high quality services.

The Long-Term Plan, and associated uplift in health funding, provided some welcome relief. More money for mandated services, and refreshed priorities, will undoubtedly improve the health offer that we’re able to provide people in this country.

However, the long-term plan does not alleviate fears that we’re heading for an even more difficult decade in the 2020s. Social care remains on a cliff-edge, with no political consensus in sight, and need rising sharply. The health and care workforce is still struggling with recruitment, retention and the wellbeing of its staff. Inequalities are rising, both because we struggle to spread best practice consistently and at scale, but also because of stalling progress on the prevention agenda.

This event will provide an opportunity to bring together leading figures from government, industry and academia to consider our approach to these questions as we approach a new decade. Specifically, we will explore:

  • How we create a thriving social care system that works for people’s needs?
  • What long-term and sustainable answers are for the health workforce?
  • How we can seize upon innovation to create a genuinely 21st century NHS?
  • What the next ten years holds for public health and prevention?

 These questions need progressive answers that will not only secure, but transform, health and care provision in this country. We are excited to welcome a programme of exciting speakers, with confirmed keynotes from Lord Ara Darzi, Dame Dido Harding and Matthew Gould, to give their reflections on how we should go forward.

This event is by invitation only. Please email Lara on [email protected] to register.

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