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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Trade policy for post-Brexit Britain – the lessons from Canada’s progressive trade agenda

This event, in cooperation with the Canada-UK Foundation, will bring together a range of policy experts and decision-makers to explore the lessons from Canada’s new ‘Progressive Trade Agenda’ for the UK.

The UK’s trade policy is going through a period of unprecedented uncertainty. The EU referendum result and on-going Brexit negotiations leave open a range of fundamental questions about how the UK should manage trade relationships with its key partners across the world. As trade policy takes centre stage in the UK debate, there is a critical need to learn from the experiences of other countries. In particular, Canada’s recent experience of forging new trade relationships under a progressive trade agenda provides a wealth of valuable insights for the UK, from exploring how to guarantee environmental and employment protections within free trade agreements to recognising the implications of trade policy for gender equality. This event will explore the lessons from Canada’s progressive trade agenda at a critical time for UK trade policy. 

Speakers Include:

  • Prof. Eugene Beaulieu, University of Calgary
  • William Swords, Former President, Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr Ilona Serwicka, Research Fellow, UK Trade Policy Observatory, University of Sussex
  • Chair: Marley Morris, Senior Research Fellow, IPPR

This event is in partnership with the Canada-UK Foundation