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Webinar: Better End of Life Care for All in England

IPPR is delighted to invite you to this exciting webinar covering end of life care, on 15th April, 10:30-12:00.

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant a challenging year for end of life care – as in healthcare as a whole. Tens of thousands of excess deaths have put strain on end of life and palliative care providers. Hospices and charities have faced difficulties around funding, donations and continuity of care. Place of death from non-Covid causes has moved from hospice and hospital, to care homes and private homes – without time to plan and resource the shift first.

But the reality is that, without pre-emptive policy, future years could be equally disruptive. On top of any left-over impact from the pandemic, end of life services will need to contend with an ageing population, increasing net mortality and changing population health needs. All are set to increase demand in the decades to come.

That means we cannot just look at recovery – we need to build back better, in a way that prepared end of life care for disruptive years to come.

How we do better is the focus of a research collaboration between IPPR; Imperial College London; the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health at the University of Lausanne; and the University of Edinburgh. We will use big data and qualitative research to identify opportunities to improve quality, efficiency and equality in end of life and palliative care.

This event marks the launch of a new policy report, based on the findings from that collaboration. This report will outline the case for community-led end of life care as the best, most sustainable alternative to a current reliance on hospitals, intensive treatment and low quality of life at the end of life. However, it will also warn that a community-led approach to end of life care will only be possible with the right resource, a strong approach to inequality and bold new commitments in the decade to come.

We’re delighted to be joined by:

  • Baroness Finlay of Llandaff – doctor, professor or palliative medicine and independent Crossbench member of the House of Lords.
  • Professor Katherine E Sleeman – Laing Galazka Chair in Palliative Care King’s College London; NIHR Clinician Scientists; Honorary consultant in Palliative Medicine
  • Chris Thomas (Chair) – Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Public Policy Research

You can register for the event here

This event paper is part of a collaborative programme of work by the Centre for Health Policy, Imperial College London, the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health (Unisanté) University of Lausanne in Switzerland, the University of Edinburgh and IPPR, supported by the Health Foundation.