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Webinar: Renting beyond their means? The role of living rent in addressing housing affordability

An online webinar

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) is delighted to invite you to an online event on Renting beyond their means? The role of living rent in addressing housing affordability

This event will take place on 8th July at 09:30-11:00(BST), via Zoom, which can be accessed via internet or phone line. A link to join the webinar will be shared with you following registration. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant economic disruption, with many people finding that their incomes have been reduced or their employment terminated. Before the pandemic, over 4 million households in the UK struggled to afford their homes. Over 1 million of these households were renting in the private rented sector, which is home to increasing numbers of people employed on precarious or low incomes. These people hit hardest by the economic shock instigated by the pandemic.

Our recent analysis has shown that households in many parts of the country were spending well over a third of their income on rent before the pandemic. This affordability problem is significantly worse in the private rented sector when compared to the social rented sector. A lack of affordable homes and welfare restrictions have locked many into unaffordable housing, resulting in financial hardship for millions.

IPPR’s forthcoming report, Renting beyond their means? The role of living rent in addressing housing affordability, outlines a range of policy measures that need to be taken to tackle the affordability problem for renters. Among the recommendations, we call for a new definition of affordability linked to people’s incomes and a new model of intermediate living rent housing. This housing would primarily be targeted at key workers struggling to afford their homes.

At this event, we will discuss what actions need to be taken to improve housing affordability for renters both in the context of the ongoing pandemic and in the long-term. This discussion will focus on the role that new models of intermediate housing such as living rent can play in tackling affordability problems. We will discuss how a living rent approach can support wider policy reforms needed to improve the welfare safety net and complement efforts to increase the supply of affordable homes.

Our Speakers:

  • Bob Blackman MP 
  • Anya Martin, Head of Policy and Research, Priced Out
  • Charlie Trew, Head of Policy, Shelter
  • Olivia Harris, Chief Executive, Dolphin Living 
  • Chair: Jonathan Webb, Research Fellow, IPPR

Places are limited, please register for your ticket.

For more information on this event please contact [email protected].