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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Why isn't our politics working and how can we fix it?

The UK has experienced a period of profound disruption. Having last month welcomed our third Prime Minister this year, including the shortest serving Prime Minister in British history, there is widespread feeling that the current political system isn’t working. We are in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, with a harsh winter ahead, and public services stretched to breaking point. Many people feel that politics isn’t delivering better lives for them and that their voice isn't heard. This event will discuss what problems our current political system is facing, and what can be done to increase trust in politics, recapture lost voters and reinforce the foundations of democracy.

Speakers include:

  • Sir Ed Davey MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • Dr Hannah White OBE, Director, Institute for Government
  • Tom Brake, Director, Unlock Democracy
  • Carys Roberts, Executive Director, IPPR

This event is being hosted by IPPR and Unlock Democracy, and is being kindly supported by the Electoral Reform Society.