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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Work Progression and the Apprenticeship Levy

IPPR is delighted to invite people to a Parliamentary Roundtable on work progression and the Apprenticeship Levy hosted by IPPR North in partnership with Asda. This will take place at 15.00-16:30 on Monday 1st July, in Westminster.

The Apprenticeship Levy, introduced in 2017, marks a significant shift in English skills policy. It strengthens the ownership of a key aspect of vocational learning by employers and also marks a significant increase in proportion of training that is funded by employers. Several significant modifications to this policy have been put in place, in response to some initial criticisms. Further developments are likely, as skills priorities evolve, in response to social and economic changes, and learning from the implementation of the Levy is shared by diverse stakeholders.

Key themes to be discussed include:

  • The potential for the Apprenticeship Levy to support work progression and ‘upskilling’ of established employees.
  • Learning to support productivity through innovation and best practice.
  • Developing the Levy to increase learning opportunities. How could relatively straightforward changes to the Levy extend learning and work progression opportunities across the economy and to a wider range of learners? How can partnership working make the Levy more effective?

The event will be chaired by Gordon Marsden MP, Shadow Minister for Education; with opening contributions from Anna Round, Senior Research Fellow, North East, IPPR North and Hayley Tatum, Chief People Officer, Asda.

This event is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending please contact Lara Iannelli on [email protected]