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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Borderland: Assessing the implications of greater Scottish autonomy for the North of England

The changing nature of Scotland's relationship with the Union has dominated public debate in recent months. This invite only seminar will hear the emerging conclusions of IPPR North's Borderland project, which has been looking at the possible implications for the North of England of further autonomy for Scotland . It will provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss these timely issues and feed into the research.

Monday 19 March, 2:30-4:30pm,

Many in the North of England have expressed anxiety about the possible implications of increased Scottish autonomy (either through independence or 'devo-max'), but the debate has been characterised more by heat than light. This project, generously funded by the James Madison Trust, seeks to shed more light on the debate.

Guy Lodge, Associate Director with IPPR, will present the findings of the research, and we are delighted to be joined by two distinguished respondents: Jim Gallagher, former Director General of Devolution in the Ministry of Justice and now Professor of Government at Glasgow University and James Ramsbotham, Chief Executive of the North East Chamber of Commerce. Each will offer their reflections on the research before opening up the seminar to questions and discussion.

Please note that this event is by named invitation only. For more detailed information about the project, follow this link. This event is kindly supported by the James Madison Trust.