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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Child poverty: stereotypes, scapegoats, solutions

>The right blames the poor; the left blames the government. Social scientist Barry Knight, trustee of the Webb Memorial Trust, who recently edited A Minority View: What Beatrice Webb would say now

Monday 3 June, 7pm - 9pm
Ginger's Caf?, Dance City, Temple Street, Newcastle, NE1 4BR

Caf? Politique events aim to generate discussion, debate and a convivial atmosphere. They seek to provide a space for people to think, share ideas and to have a lively and inclusive discussion.  Each talk involves an interesting speaker or two who introduce their talk in an accessible and challenging way. We then open to the floor for comment and debate. We want to go beyond a rigid question and answer format, to allow broad participation. Our overall aim is to create an atmosphere where people can talk about the issues they feel passionately about and to open our minds to new ideas.

This event is free and open to all and does not require booking. Please feel free to circulate this invite to your relevant networks or to those who may be interested in the event topic. For more information email