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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Cost of living crisis: are disabled people being forgotten?

As wages start to rise above inflation, we are starting to hear reports that the cost of living crisis is at an end. But has there been any improvement in the living standards of people with disabilities?

Disabled people have to spend more on heating and transport, they may have to buy a wheelchair, and they also face higher insurance costs on their homes and holidays. On average, working age disabled adults spend an extra £550 a month on costs directly attributable to their disability. Speaking at this event, Ellie Brawn, Public Policy Adviser at Scope, will explore the issue of disability poverty and will ask what needs to happen for these costs to be lowered and standards raised.

This event is part of IPPR North's public events programme on a wide range of topics within politics, culture and society. It is designed to bring the freshest ideas and the most interesting thinkers to the North of England for intelligent debate of some of today's most pressing social challenges. It is free, open to all and is fully accessible.

The aim of the event is to stimulate open debate and discussion and we would like to offer plenty of time for audience comment and questions.