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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Gordon Brown on Where now for Britain in Europe?

Former prime minister Gordon Brown delivered his response to the Leave vote in the first of our series of cross-party speaking events on the future of Britain in Europe.

Talking about globalisation, tolerance and the national conversation, he said that striking the necessary balance between national autonomy and international cooperation requires us, he said, to address and make a positive response to the issues of national identity and migration – something that the Remain campaign failed to do.

Gordon Brown keynote: The future of Britain in Europe from IPPR on Vimeo.

Mr Brown was introduced by IPPR director Tom Kibasi, who in his speech argued that the summer parliamentary recess should be cancelled so MPs can lead the country through the challenging months ahead, and set out the five steps that IPPR believes are essential to a pragmatic and principled response to the Brexit vote. Read the full text of his speech here, or watch the video below.

Tom Kibasi on IPPR's plan for Britain after Brexit from IPPR on Vimeo.