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Higher education and the death of human capital with Professor Hugh Lauder

These are critical times for British universities. The government's Higher Education reforms and the global downturn are forcing everyone with a stake in higher education to ask big questions about what universities are for, and how they should be led and governed.

Tuesday 4 December, 17.00 - 18.30
Smirke Suite, Kings College London, Strand Campus

Human capital theory forms the basis for higher education policy in England, as it does in many other countries. It portrays the student as an entrepreneur making an investment decision, and makes key assumptions about the returns to graduates in their subsequent working lives.

This seminar welcomes Professor Hugh Lauder, Professor of Education and Political Economy at University of Bath, who will question these fundamental assumptions, arguing that recent empirical trends are not consistent with human capital theory and its implications for HE policy. An alternative account that takes a different view of global labour market will be presented.

This seminar series, which is run in partnership with King's College London, will take place alongside the IPPR's Commission on the Future of Higher Education, which will publish its report in March 2013. The seminars will help to feed fresh ideas into the Commission, but will also create an independent public forum for debate about the future of Higher Education. The seminar will not offer a single perspective, but present arguments from different points of view.

This event is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending please email to request a place.

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