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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Ideas on the 3rd floor: Is Scotland set to separate?

The UK and Scottish governments have now agreed that a referendum on whether or not Scotland should leave the UK should be held in the autumn of 2014. This Ideas on the 3rd floor event will explore current social attitudes in Scotland and Britain in order to predict the outcome of this crucial vote.

Tuesday 22 January 17.30 to 19.00
IPPR North offices, central Newcastle

Using evidence from the Scottish and British Social Attitudes surveys together with a variety of other polls, John Curtice, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University and a Research Consultant to NayCEn/ScotCen Social Research, will examine the prospects for this crucial referendum vote. He will discuss and answer questions such as: does this decision reflect evidence of a growing demand in Scotland to leave the UK? What are likely to be the key factors that determine how people north of the border will eventually vote? Is there any way in which Scotland's apparent demand for more autonomy could be accommodated with the framework of the UK without unduly offending public opinion in England?

This event is part of the Ideas on the 3rd Floor programme, which is a series of in-house events on a wide range of topics within politics, culture and society designed to bring the freshest ideas and the most interesting thinkers to Newcastle for intelligent debate of some of today's most pressing social challenges.

The event is free and open to all but it is essential that you book your place as we anticipate demand will be high and space is limited. Please email to book.